My Silver Blue Fawn Pit-Bull Is 52 Days Pregnant Can She Have Them Early? The Day Of Mating Was April 4 And 5, I Have It Marked For Her To Have The Puppies June 1st Thru 7th. If She Has Them Early Will There Be Something Wrong With Her Or Pups? Ty!


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Normal delivery in dogs is not possible before 58 days. Average duration of pregnancy in dogs is 63-66 days. Ideally, you should get abdominal ultrasound of your dog to know due date and litter size. She can not have them early. She will show following signs of labor 24 hours before start of true labor.
  1. Restlessness and pacing
  2. Agitation
  3. Reduced rectal temperature below 100 F
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Licking of genitalia
  6. Nesting behavior

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