I Have A 3 Month Old Female Shih Tzu And She Has Been Eating Out Of My Cat's Litter Box. Is This Normal And What Do I Need To Do?


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Mary Valand answered
Contrary to an earlier response, eating cat faeces is common in many dogs. Cat food is much higher in protein than most dog food and much remains in the faeces. No one likes the habit and it is best if you can keep the litter box away from the dog, if for no other reason than to keep your pet dog from ingesting the litter.
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Beth Simmons answered
Cats do not digest their food all the way and most dogs will eat the cat dodo. It is realy very common
Victoria Allstott Profile
Yeah I have a chihuahua mix and she gets in the litter box all the time. It's sick, but it's not abnormal!
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amber jones answered
That is not normal,that is just plain sick. I would say to keep the litter box away from your little dog.
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It is though.I have a dog that does the same thing.I would suggest in moving the litter box,in this way the dog doesn't get sick because that is very possible.
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I have a 3 year old shit zu and she did the same not long ago. Keep the litter box away or get rid of the cat, or just figure a way to deal with the bad breath.

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