My Cat Is I Belive Ready To Give Birth Her Belly Is Really Hard And She Is Not Active Is This Normal?


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First of all if you have an idea of when she became pregnant ... Pregnancy will last approximately 2 months.
My cat gave birth in late August ... I looked up the whole course of Pregnancy in The Cat Care Manual by Bradley Viner and this is what I watched for:

"A week or so before she has her kittens, she will start to behave furtively, searching for a suitable place to have her kittens and making a nest. Two or three days before their arrival, you may notice that her abdomen drops and becomes noticeably pear shaped. It may be possible to express milk from her nipples. In the last 24 hours she will probably pace around restlessly and refuse to eat. You may then notice straining has begun and she is actually in labour."
My cat fit this routine perfectly ... Of course the little bugger decided she would deliver on my son's bed which caused quite a panic amongst us as we ran around grabbing any kind of paper we could find to place over his bed ... Under the birthing process!

Good Luck to you and your soon to be mommy.
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I have a cat that is alittle over a year old now and she is pregnant. I think she got pregnant in the beginning of April. Anyways,the past week or so she has been acting weird. She likes to go into the closet and lay on this blanket that I have in there. She is also really lovable, she used to not be like that before pregnancy. I have noticed in the past week her stomach has dropped and her nipples have got a lot bigger and swollen. She has also started to go to the litter box and nothing comes out. I am wondering if this means that birth is coming soon. She also sleeps a lot and eats more than she used to. LOL, my male cat can't even get around her without her hissing at him. It is kind of funny to me because they used to sleep together and play together all the time. I just hope she does not do what my boyfriend said and have them on top of me when I am sleeping. That would be a site to wake up to. I am planning on being with her when she does go into labor because she is so small. I can't wait to see what her kittens look like. But anyways, are theses some of the signs that she is getting ready for birth? I would really like to know. I already have a place for her to have the kittens and plan on keeping my other animals out of there. Is it true that a male cat will eat the kittens? I have heard this but was not sure.
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Did she start to bleed or have a discharge?
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Normally she would start looking around for a nest to give birth in. You could also check her temperature which should be slightly lower than usual. You can find more information here.

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