I Don't Know If My Shih Tzu Is Pregnant, What To Do?


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Here are some of the signs that your female dog may be pregnant.

- She may experience "morning sickness"; nausea and vomiting. This stage lasts for the first 2-3 weeks of a pregnancy. It may experience mood swings
- she may experience a loss of appetite and lose a little weight; this phenomenon too lasts for 2-3 weeks.
- There may be a lack of activity and general lethargy
- Your pet dog's nipples will appear big, as the delivery date approaches, the animal's breasts will start producing milk
- In most cases, pregnant dogs become even more affectionate towards their owners.

It is important to note that the best way to confirm a pregnancy is to take your dog to a vet. This is because each of the above symptoms can also indicate a totally different condition. For example, sustained nausea and vomiting may also be a symptom of an illness.

Three weeks after conceiving, the dog's blood shows presence of the compound Relaxin, so a blood test is one of the ways a vet can detect pregnancy. At 25 days into the pregnancy, the vet can hear the puppies' heartbeats via stethoscope. And after 45 days the puppies will show up in x-rays.

Do not give supplements to the dog without consulting a vet.
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If your dog is pregnant, then she will likely exhibit some symptoms. If she is drowsy and lazy all the time and if she is not eating that much, then there does exist a possibility that she is expecting. Also if her lower abdomen is heavy and if she does not move around much, this can also be an indication. Throwing up is another sign of pregnancy.
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All Shih tzus are different and carry in different ways, mine were never sick, never seeked attention nor nested until the last 2 days of their pregnancy.  The only sure way to know is visit the vet if you are not experienced. 
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Well you should take it to the vet then check and see if it is doing something Awkward or strange and girl belly is big and if she is probably puking or slouching around call for more information 618-402-1036(Crystal&Damion)
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My shih suz is peeing to much but in da house ...I can walk her for 10min she will pee outside an come in the house an pee again like every 5 mins ..... She is due in like a week or two is this the reason y she Is peeing so much
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I'm in the same boat. However my shih tzu is due nxt week and I can't feel anything
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Make her take a pregnancy test.  Pee on a stick?  They get little lumps in their belly you can see and feel.  Or call your vet and ask.

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