How Many Nipples Does A Female Shih Tzu Have?


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Female Shih-Tzus can have anywhere between six and ten nipples, and these will be present at birth.

However, if you're attempting to discover the gender of your puppy, then counting its nipples isn't really going to solve your problem - because males and females can have the same number of nipples.

How many nipples do most Shih-Tzus have? The average number of nipples on a Shih-Tzu is eight, but there's nothing wrong with your dog if it has a few extra teats. Equally, there's nothing wrong with your Shih-Tzu if it has fewer nipples, either.

It's quite common for puppies to be born with missing nipples, extra nipples, or misaligned nipples. Also, a male dog can have just as many nipples as a female.

This is because, when a dog fetus is developing, nipples form before the sex of the puppy has been genetically decided. As with humans, male dogs therefore have vestigial nipples, which means they don't serve a purpose and are just for decoration.
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Determining the sex of any dog is very simple, you simply see if they have a penis or a vagina.

And they have six nipples, though all dogs should have that.

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