My 4 Week Old Shih Tzu Puppy Is Constipated, What Can I Do?


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I hope this pup isn't eating solids yet. They aren't old enough at this age to digest solid food, and it can be very harmful to them. If this is the case, I would get pup to the vet, and there they would probably do an enema, and give you some laxatives made especially for your pet, (do not use human laxatives unless the vet says to) and check to make sure that nothing else is obstructing the pups bowels. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I called the vet and he had me add a little Karo syrup to the very liquid puppy mash they are eating as well as nursing. All puppies are doing fine. Thank you.
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My Vet told me to give my Shih Tzu one tablespoon of 100% canned pumpkin. It works. Good luck.
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Ask vet for puppy suppository. My three 5week old pups are always constipated. The vet instructed me to cut it in small sticks and fit it inside pups anal area. It doesnt totally melt, you can remove the remaining, put the puppy down and after a few seconds see how he start to poop.
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He may very well be constipated. Try giving a 1/8 tsp of vegetable oil,or milk of magnesia and wait.If he starts vomiting and won't eat,lays around,you need to see a vet. If he chews toys,etc. He may be obstructed. If he doesn't straighten out in a day --see a vet.Hope the pup is ok.
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My 8 month old Shih Tzu is not pooping, and has not in 2 days. I don't know what the problem might be nor what to do. Please, do anyone know what to do?
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My shih tzu has 5, 4 week old puppies when do I start feeding them solids and what do you recommend
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I suggest that you give your dog some stool softeners (check with your vet first about the problem though)
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Yes, it sounds like constipation.  Try putting some cod liver oil into his food.. But if he is still like this tomorrow, you might be best to take him to a vet .
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He might have swollowed something he shouldnt have as puppys often do and its blocked him up so call your Vet to find out what to do here

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