When Do I Deworm A Shih Tzu Pup? We Have Her 2 Weeks And She Is Nearly 8 Weeks Old


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The deworming medication should come from the vet. OTC dewormers have a tendency to result in emergency and death even when used on label. They also aren't effective on many parasites (mainly one) and different parasites require different treatments. Normally she would have been dewormed at least once by now with an appropriate safe dewormer and dosage. By most schedules vaccines and a deworming are done at 8 weeks so just make your appointment with your vet.  Be sure to remember that they shouldn't be considered to be protected until the puppy sets are done. You can ask your vet to explain a little more about titer levels, why pups need so many sets of shots and the windows of opportunity (why the schedules are the way they are) ect.
They actually should be with dam and litter mates until at least eight weeks (and have that set of shots done and have seen the vet before your independant visit after placement) though often  longer (and sometimes much) for health socialization and behavioral purposes (that time with dam and litter mates is what actually helps form a good companion later in life and without it there may be behavioral issues that are difficult or impossible to correct because that foundation isn't there). For future reference 8 weeks is the absolute minimum and is regardless of when they are weaned. It has to do with lessons learned by interactions with Dam and litter mates, though may not be possible in a rescue or foster situation.
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Thank you very much i have an appointment with vet this evening she is a rescued puppy so wasnt sure specially been a shih tzu she has already formed an atachment to me and is constantly by my side many thanks
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:) iLove shih tzu so much .. I have also 9 months pup is she ready for mating and get pregnant:) ?

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