My Dog Is Nesting And Panting. How Long Until The Pups Arrive?


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My dog is nesting and panting. When are the puppies coming?

Panting is a sign of labor, and you should expect to see your dog lose her mucus plug fairly soon.

The length of labor will vary, but expect the pups to start emerging any time soon.

  • My dog was in labor with her first litter for 10 hours before any pups came, but she was only in labor with her second litter for one hour. If you think your dog is in excessive pain or sense that things might be taking to long - call your vet.
  • Your vet should be on standby at this point anyway, and ready to do a caesarian section if a puppy gets stuck, or if something else delays or stops the puppies from being delivered.

Good Luck!
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Morning !! & thank you.jFifi our dog woke us up at 5am !! She is vomiting and by the looks of it having contactions every 15-20mins ! She wont leave my side bless her but have managed to convince her that her whelping box is her best option,when she is with me all she does is sleep (try too) I have ssen the "sac" which is clear but no active pushing as of yet ! Have left her in heer whelping box and im sat metres away (behind the door) so im not to disturb her ! OMG this is so nerve rakin!!

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