A Mucus Plug From A Dog Looks Like?


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A pregnant dog is likely to expel a mucus plug about a week before she is going to give birth. Typically this mucus plug will just look like a clear discharge. If you have spotted any blood or a green or black discharge then you should contact your vet immediately. Sometimes you will never see this mucus plug but if you do, it is a good indicator that your dog is going to give birth soon.

The first stage of canine labor will cause your dog to start panting and become restless. If she is showing signs of not wanting to eat, this is a sign that the birth is imminent. Some dogs will show signs of nesting, e.g. Tearing up papers or digging, while others may begin to vomit. All of these symptoms can last anything between six and 24 hours before your dog will begin to go into labor. The second and third stages of canine labor are the birthing of each puppy and the passing of the placenta and afterbirth respectively. These stages will alternate until all of the puppies have been born. Typically, puppies are born between 45 and 60 minutes apart, giving the mother time between each birth to clean the puppies up. Each birth will take anything between ten and thirty minutes. Your dog should not rest for more than four hours between the birth of each puppy.

If possible, be around for the birth of your dog's puppies. This means that you can be on hand to help should anything go round. Sometimes puppies will be born still within the membrane sac. If this happens, give the mother a few seconds to try and remove it. If she makes no effort to do so then you will need to break it open with your fingers and rub the puppy to try and stimulate its breathing. If you are concerned about your dog or any of her puppies throughout the birth you should phone your vet for advice.
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Chances are that you're not going to see the so-called "mucus plug" because the dog is going to be licking herself. If you're wondering if your female is getting close to delivery, then watch her to see if she's panting and very unsettled. A dog will usually pant for a full day before delivery. She'll also become agitated easier, and want her main caregiver to pay more attention to her. In addition, do you know when she mated? Somewhere between day 58 and 63 is usually the gestation period. Watch for her to also start "bedding" in an area; she may try to dig, arrange blankets, towels, etc. In preparation of puppies to come.
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Wow we have a pregnant dog we saw her mucous plug I didn't I as at work but my husband did
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Hi I woke up to the sound of my do walking around on our wood floor so I went to see her and she had a big wet patch in her bed I am not sure what it is as she does not normally urinate in the house she is 3 days over her due date and I am getting worried now as she had her puppies on the day after her due date about 1 and a half years ago and I am getting really worried she was walking around allot (she could not keep still) for about 10 mins but now she is just laying in her bed I am not sure weather she is in labour or not?

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