My Dog Is Panting Very Hard How Long Till Pups Get Here?


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Panting, pacing and restlessness can be signs of labor in dogs. Other signs of labor in dogs are
  1. Agitation
  2. Reduced rectal temperature below 100 F
  3. Nesting behavior
  4. Loss of appetite
These signs appear 8-48 hours before start of labor. Labor in dogs is characterized by shaking and straining. Shaking is due to labor pain caused by uterine contraction and dogs strain to push the puppy outside. This condition is true labor. So, after the appearance of signs of labor, dogs can deliver puppies after 8-48 hours.
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It depends upon duration of pregnancy. Panting in dogs is not only sign of start of labor. It can also be due to other reasons. Signs of labor starts few hours to one day before start of true labor. These signs can be
  1. No eating and drinking
  2. Restlessness and pacing
  3. Agitation
  4. Reduced rectal temperature below 100o F
After appearance of these signs actual labor starts and first puppy is born within 24 hours of the start of labor.

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