What Should I Feed My 7 Week Old Shih Tzu Puppy?


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You can start him on IAM's puppy dry food. Just add a handful of food to a saucer and put a few drops of water on it until it is soft.

Feed him 3 times a day....
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We feed our puppy who is now actually 6 mon old now lamb and rice or chicken and rice by Purina it helps with Gas and bloating anything lamb and rice or chicken and rice my vet agreed. Hope you enjoy your shih tzu my husband growing up they had several they are stubborn thank God I am more stubborn than Bear Good luck!!!
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I started to feed both my Shih Tzu at 8 weeks old a dog food named Pro Plan which made their coat shiny and lovely.      They both love it however look online and feed your puppy what you feel that is best for her/him.   This dog food is abit expensive but last a long time.   Good Luck!!!
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Well you should feed it milk and normal puppy food
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Have you read what is in dog food? Do research!!!! Do not buy what you can get in a store. You may think buying all natural dog food on line is more expensive but its not. They eat less poop less, better all round...
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What was the breeder feeding? Any name brand puppy food.Keyword Puppy food. Try not to abruptly change any dog's food, causes GI upset.SMALL BITES puppy formula might be a good choice.
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My shih tzu was fed I whole scramble egg for Breakfast,puppy beta and pedigree puppy sachets
I gave her 3 meals a day including her breakfast,but only small amounts,Has puppies tend to be very greedy,and my poppy thrived.Hope this helps.Barbara

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