My Shih Tzu Puppy Is Breathing Funny, Should I Be Concerned With This?


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Absolutely. Take the puppy to the vet if the problem persists but check for the following. Is the puppy getting enough oxygen? Check his gum colour to ensure their healthy pink colour, and tell the vet if they are blue or purple. As it is a puppy and not a very old dog, it could be a slight allergy attack which constricts his lungs, making him catch his bark in his throat. In a worst case scenario it is a virus or infection from a worm or a kennel. The best course of action is to telephone a vet or take your puppy in for a check-up and see if the funny breathing can be avoided, or just introduce the puppy to some fresh air to get it breathing again. Do not be overly concerned and trust the judgement of the veterinarian. Make sure you can remember feeding the puppy anything that may have caused an allergic reaction and ensure he has had the recommended vaccinations and inoculations that puppies must have, and that you time the gaps between breaths to accurately inform the vet as best to your abilities what is wrong with the puppy. Keep your and its spirits up and be well.
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My baby is a tiny imperial 9 mos of age. I just had to have surgery on her nose because her nostrils were too small and she wasn't getting any air through them. The vet said this is quite common with this breed. She would make awful noises and blow bubbles through her nose. She had the surgery yesterday and she is finally breathing through her nose with her mouth shut. Maybe your baby has the same problem.
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Shih Tzu's have a shallow airway. If you have ever seen a pug, they wheeze all the time. It is normal because their airway from their nose is a lot shallower than normal. Shih Tzu's are the same way. Don't worry about it unless your puppy seems to be in a lot of distress from it. Also, there is a website with general knowledge facts about the Shih Tzu

And when your puppy is ready to be trained, here is a good site for that
Hope this helped. >^_^<
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My shih tzu was breathing like that when he was a puppy. The vet told me his nostrils were very small. We kept an eye on him and he outgrew it pretty quickly. Because shih tzus nose's are som small they sometimes have trouble breathing. As they get bigger the nostrils also get bigger.
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No. I have a shih tzu. Most of them have short snouts (noses). That causes them to breath funny, wheeze, and sometimes
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Yes you should be concerned. Please take her to be checked for this problem and confirm that it is no more than the "normal breathing problem" for this breed, who do suffer from restricted airways due to their unnatural formation.
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Yes you need to take it to the dorter right a way it may just have asma or something else so take it to the doter now

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