My Shih Tzu/ Yorkie Mix Puppy Has Diarrhea He Is 18 Wks Old. What Can I Do?


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Diarrhea in dogs can leads to dehydration, that is why should not be ignored. Many conditions and diseases can cause diarrhea in dogs. Diarrhea if accompanied by vomiting then dehydration can occur much earlier and condition can become worse. Following are some common cause of diarrhea in dogs.

1. Lymphoma
2. Cancer
3. Side effects of many medicines
4. Stress
5. Anxiety
6. Food allergy
7. Intestinal parasites
8. Bacterial and viral infections of GI tract
9. Eating of garbage
10. Changes in diet
11. Symptoms of some other illnesses

So, your dog should be investigated by vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Take your dog to vet.
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Pink Pepto bismal is good for dogs.  Try 1ml or 2.  My dog is 8lbs and she gets 3ml.  ALso white rice or washed cottage cheese.  Good luck

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