How Many Times Per Day Do I Feed A Year Old Shih Tzu?


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Twice a day should be sufficient. Make sure to check the food manufacturer's recommended amount and adjust to your dog's size and appetite accordingly. I feed my 8 month old male Shih-Tzu named Copper "Orijen for Puppies" twice a day. I mix some canned "Wellness for Puppies" in his Orijen dry food every other day. The high protein/grain free diet fills him up quickly and he doesn't poop a lot because of it. This means less mess. I give him baby carrots as his snacks and he just loves them. It's fun hearing the carrot crunch when he eats them. It's a real healthy snack, but I give him no more than 4 baby carrots a day. For his training treat/reward, I boil 1 boneless chicken breast and cut them into small cubes. I just refrigerate it until it's all gone. I also make sure he doesn't get more than 5 cubes of chicken breast per training session so it won't ruin his appetite come meal time. Don't forget to leave your Shih-Tzu plenty of drinking water.

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