What Type Of Bugs Burrow In Your Skin?


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If there are creatures that can cause creeps, they have to be human skin burrowing parasites. For people who have never experienced this, it might be very difficult for you to comprehend how a creature can get under your skin but it happens!  Among the many parasites that burrow in to human skin is a bug.

Most bugs that burrow in to the human skin are quite small and they can do so without the host noticing. They usually cause rashes, paleness, itchiness, redness and even swelling of the skin. One of those bugs has to be jiggers. Jiggers burrow in to human skin and cause so much irritation.

Apart from jiggers, we have ticks which burrow in to the skin to suck blood from a human host. If not noticed early, they can sink their head as deep as they can to reach blood vessels. They usually grow bigger as they continue feeding on your blood.

Other than bugs, there are other parasites that burrow in to human skin. Itch mites burrow in to the skin and lay eggs under the top layer of your skin. They cause a condition called scabies. Scabies is not only highly contagious, it can be easily transmitted through sharing clothes, sexual intercourse and even by holding hands! These mites are microscopic parasites that cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

Hookworms are other parasites that live in grass and mostly penetrate the skin through legs. When barefoot, the parasite hooks itself to the skin then penetrates to the vascular system. They are common with animals and can also be transferred through eating uncooked meat.

Skin parasites are not only irritating; they can cause you so much embarrassment. Since these bugs and parasites tend to be very small in size, one should check their skin regularly and especially if they have an itchy sensation.

Bugs and parasites that burrow in to human skin can cause health related problems if they are not done away with as soon as possible. All bugs are not usually caused by dirt; some of them are picked from pets and the environment.
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Scabies....they are a mite that are usually contracted by skin-to-skin contact, or by wearing the unwashed clothing of a person with scabies.  They leave a tell-tale grayish "trail" that is raised, and the scabies are under this.  They itch, terribly, I've heard.  In Texas we have chiggers, little red mites that live in the grass, and can just burrow into your skin.  They leave a mark like a small red pimple, and itch, and when the animal dies, it stops itching.  We used alcohol on these bites.  There are so other types of "mites" that leave different patterns, markings, etc.  You can probably find a soap for these kinds of little monsters in the same area where the shampoo for lice is, or you can ask a pharmacist...if you're sure it's a burrowing bug you have.  Ticks also burrow into your skin, but only bury their heads.  DO NOT pull a tick off...the head will be left behind, can become infected, and well...just gross. Light a match and let it burn down a ways so it is really hot, blow it out, and lay the hot part of the match on the body of the tick.  It will back out.  You may have to do this more than once.  Good luck!!
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They are called scabies they burrow under skin and itch. They also leave a trail and it is gray and it is bumped up and there are little mites underneath called scabies.

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I know that what I have is not Scabies. I am unsure what it is I have but it is only in one spot on the crown of my head. It is about the size of an eraser of a pencil. It oozes clear stuff and it scabs up. It has been there now for over  months now. I do not pick at it. So I know that that is not the reason for it still being there. I am a very very clean woman and I have been washing my hair for the past 30yrs with only natural hair shampoo and never use any other types of products or chemicals in my hair. My regular physician had glanced at it and said that it did not look like ringworm and has referred me to a Dermatologist in which I cant get into see til the end of Feb.

Does this sound like it could be some type of bug under my skin?

I see pictures and videos a the time on the internet of people with bugs and worms under their skin and it scares me that that is what is happening with me.

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