What Is A Good Name For A Boy Black,gray & White Tiger Striped Kitten? He Is Very Playful And Lovable.


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I'd name him Zeebs (for the zebra-ness)... Or Tigger (for the tiger-ness)... Or Zigger ; )
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 Hi tigerose       There are a lot of lovely names that you can choose for your cute kitten  And I think that you are the one that must to get a nice name for this lovely kitten, because you know exactly how your kitten is.  And the name is not in depend how the kitten look like, it's also in depend how is his Actions and his Treat  So I will help you to find the perfect name for you kitten but you must to choose. (Deal)  :P  www.cat-names.us  In this site you can find over 5000 unique cat names with meanings including categories like female cat names, male cat names and boy and girl cat names.  I hope that going to help you. And don't forget to tell us what you choose :P 
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I don't know if you will appreciate it, but how about 'Conman' (for the stripes), kinda sounds like 'Conan' too. If his stripes are arched, like a semi-circle, how about Spyro, for a spiral. I would really watch his attitude and see what his characteristic is like as well. For instance, I have a cat named Doggie, because she acts just like one. Hope this helps.

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