Is A Tiger's Skin Striped?


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Yes! Everyone knows that a tiger has a striped coat, but how many people know that the tiger's skin is striped as well?! It is true! Underneath all those lovely stripes, the tiger's skin is striped too, and even the rare white tiger has bluish stripes on its skin.

The fact was first noticed by veterinarians, when they had to shave off patches of a tiger's fur for surgery, and this was when they made the astonishing discovery that the tiger has stripes on its skin, below the fur.

However, when one talks about the tiger's stripes, one refers to the stripes on its fur, which are as unique as human fingerprints; no two tigers ever have the same stripes, and this is how individual tigers can be identified.

A tiger is striped because it needs to camouflage itself when it is hunting, and the stripes cover the animal up when it stalks against the wild grasses from where it launches its attacks on its unsuspecting prey.
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Not only do tigers have striped skin, regular (tiger-striped) house cats do too! Not just stripes, either...if your cat has spots, his or her skin is spotted as well.
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Yes! Tiger's fur and skin is striped. If you ever shaved a tiger, which some people actually have, you would be able to see the stripes in their skin, as well as their fur.
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Most of the species of tiger have slight stripes
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Yes, the tigers skin has stripes.
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A tiger's skin and coat IS striped...However, a zebras coat has stripes too, but its skin is not striped.
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Yes, of course it's striped. EVERYONE knows that! Unless lions, they might just have orange skin, I've seen pictures. If you would like to see a lion just orange, search on Google Images. They might help you a bit. They always help me.

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