What Is The Purpose Of Tail Feathers On Birds?


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Tail feathers help in flight control but they would have to be severely damaged to keep the bird from being able to fly. Don't worry, they will grow back.
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Feathers play a vital role in flight, and a pivitol part is on the birds tail. The tail acts as a rudder, balancing and steering the bird. While soaring, the tail feathers are spread to increase the surface area and get more lift.
The entire tail can be twisted to change direction. And finally, to aid the bird when stopping, the tail is turned downward to act as a brake. I find it to be truly amazing how critical the role feathers play in the flight of a bird. No other animal or machine has duplicated the intricacies of a single feather.
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The purpose of tail feathers is that it provides lift for the bird and acta as a rudder which helps it to turn swiftly in air. It also helps it to remain in one place in air by providing it a constant lift.
The tail feathers have a very crucial purpose.they act as rudders and help the bird to have air balance and to change the direction of flight.as a rudder is important for a boat,tail feathers are important to the birds.
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Glad they'll grow back. The little guy left here flying but with no rudder.
I'll keep an eye out. I doubt it will do this again and go back to ground feeding  as nature intended.
Thank you both for the informative and clear answers!

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