What Is A Burrow?


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A burrow can be defined as a hole or a channel dug into the earth by an animal to create a space for habitation or temporary shelter. Burrows protect the animals from enemies, predators and adverse environmental conditions. Rodents like rats and mice, insects, reptiles, rabbits, aquatic animals like fish, amphibians like frog and even the birds are known to dig a burrow.

Burrows are constructed by various creatures in different kinds of substrate like sand, tree-trunk, rock etc. For example termites are known to create burrows in wood. Burrows can be quite simply made or it can be a remarkable complex network of interlocking tunnels which can astonish a qualified architect. These burrows can run as far as thousand of meters for example, a rabbit burrow.

A burrow can also refer to a cozy, warm and closely confined space or place. Burrow can be used as a verb which would imply "to dig a hole"or as a noun itself, which simply relates to the definition.
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A burrow is a hole or tunnel that is dug into the soil. It is usually done by animals, so that they get some kind of place to live into or as an offshoot of locomotion. These burrows are a house to many animals against predation and revelation to the elements. The most famous animal that builds a burrow almost everywhere is the Rodents. They manage to dig the inexhaustible gopher and groundhog. Some of the other burrowing animals are insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds, among numerous others.

Burrows can be dug into an extensive assortment of substrates. For example, a kangaroo, mouse generally digs a burrow into fine sand, termites in woods and sea urchins in rock. A size of a burrow can vary from being a few centimetres below the soil to having really long tunnels, which could be around thousand meters long.
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A burrow is a tunnel or hole in the ground that an animal such as a rabbit digs,especially in order to live in it.yes,that is true.
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The burrow is a hole in the ground made by an animal for shelter.
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It means dirt

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