Can You Give Pictures Of Different Types Of Ants?


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The best way to view pictures of different types of ants is to use the ‘Image’ search on a search engine such as Google. Go to ‘’ and at the top of the screen there are options for what you would like to search such as ‘web,’ Images’, ‘Maps’, ‘Videos’, ‘News’. Click on ‘Images’ and the Google icon will change to ‘Google Images’. In the search box type ‘Ants’ and hit the return button. It should produce 491,000 photographs across 27 pages. The first few pages will be the most relevant. They may become irrelevant or slightly less relevant as the photographs progress, such as photos of the band ‘Adam and the Ants’.
If there is a particular type of ant you would like to see photographs of, you can also specify to get those results. Change your search criteria from just ‘Ants’ to the type of ant you would like to see. There are 12,000 different species of ant, so if you are researching ants, it is a good idea to learn how to distinguish them.
Different species of ant include the Argentine Ant, which is native to Argentina and Brazil and were introduced into America in the 1890s. Argentine Ants leave pheromone trails behind them when they are foraging for food which ensures they do not visit the same place twice and waste any time. Another type of ant are called Carpenter Ants, a type of ant who like to build their nests in wood and often cause a lot of damage to houses. Odorous House Ants give off a strong smell of rotten coconut when they are crushed which led to the creation of their odorous name. Pavement Ants are the most common type of ant and are usually what we see around our homes and gardens. Red Imported Fire Ants are the type of ants you should avoid as they give a painful sting and can be aggressive.

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