Can Mites Burrow Under Your Skin? What Are All The Different Types Of Bug Bites One Can Receive? What Are The Different Types Of Skin Infections One Can Contract And Their Symptoms? How Does One Differentiate Between A Bite And A Skin Infection?


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See your doctor for scabies
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Actually that's not right. Scabies is caused by microscopic parasitic mites or bugs that burrow under the skin. This causes the skin to itch and get red rashes. It is a contagious disease and is spread through touch.
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Superficial burrows not under the skin burrows. Under the skin means in the system and scabies is not the systemic parasite.
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There is no such thing as superficial burrows. Burrows are always under the skin. and under the skin means in the system. Scabies is actually under the skin whether you consider it a "superficial burrow" or a parasite or whatever. That does not change anything.
Please get your facts corrected before answering!
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No mites grow or travel under the skin. The bumps on the arms can be due to scabies, allergy to food or allergic reactions of medicines. The scabies lay eggs and these eggs can not be seen by eyes. These eggs freely move on the skin causing irritations. I advise you to visit a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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You are right scabies do burrow under the skin. Body lice travel on clothing or the skin.

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