What Type Of Bug Leaves A Bruise Around The Bite?


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There are a number of types of insects that cause bruising through bites such as spiders, bed bugs, ticks and mosquitoes as well as stings from wasps, bees or scorpions.

How Can I Begin Identifying Which Bug Has Bitten Me?
There are ways to identify an insect bite with bruising by firstly looking for minute red or white puncture marks that will appear in the centre of the bruise. If a single white puncture appears then this would likely have been caused by a bed bug, tick or mosquito. If you notice a pair of puncture marks then it is likely that you have been bitten by a spider. It is important to note that insect bites that come with bruising do not tend to develop a raised, red and irritated lump around the bite.

What Could Have Caused The Bite?
The color of the skin around the bite will help determine the cause of it. For example, if the skin looks magenta, bright red or looks like a target then you may have been bitten by a tick or have lime disease, which will need to be treated as soon as possible.

I Still Can't Figure Out What Has Bitten Me, What Should I Do Now?
If you are not sure if the insect bite has caused bruising then you should inspect the skin where the bite is. If bruising has occurred then you will have a ring of normal colored skin around the bite as well as a larger shaped ring around it which will look like a normal bruise. The bruised area that appears around the insect bite will be about one inch or a bit wider in diameter and will look like a round tire or a donut ring.
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Well are you sure it is a bruse, because a brown recluse bite turns black, either way you should see a doctor.
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It is definitely a bruise. Plus I don't have the pain/numbeness that I've heard is associated w/ a brown recluse... It's been about 2 days since I've been bitten, bite looks like it's healing, the bruise has gotten a little more brownish...

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