How To Get Rid Of Dog Poop From Your Yard?


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How much are we talking about? An occasional little "present" left by a dog friend can be picked up in the plastic wrapper that the newspaper comes in and tied off and dropped in your garbage. It helps if you wait until it is dried.
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Ban the keeping of dogs as pets in society (sorry, you've hit a bit of a nerve on this question).  Legally require all owners to make a $1000/£1000 deposit when they buy the dog, and that anybody in the company of a dog must pick up and appropriately dispose of ANY dog mess they see, regardless of whether their dog produced it or not.  Put down (to sleep) any dogs of owners that don't' comply with these rules.    For that matter, put the owners to sleep, too.

Let's all convert to Islam (effectively bans dogs as pets, too).

I am almost 100% serious, but since I don't make the laws in any country...

For existing problems, get a shovel and start digging.  Try to ignore the temptation to wheelbarrow the mess back to the lawn of the owner of the dog who fouled your yard. 

Dig a deep hole and shovel the dog excrement into it.  If there really is quite a lot of dog mess, make sure the hole is deep enough to start with that you will have at least 18 inches (40 cm) of soil to put over the top of it. 

You can probably plant things like roses near the hole and will find they do really well for a few years.

Put up a fence to keep future dog mess out.

And get a bigger dog to chase off the other hounds that keep using your yard as a latrine.

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