How Can I Get My Puppy To Go Outside And Poop?


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Potty training actually is simple BUT it takes time and patience especially if she already
has the habit of going in the house ..
Here are a few suggestions..

1) BE CONSISTENT with what you do - that means everyone in your household.

2) put her on a feeding and water schedule - no food or water after say 7 pm so she
has time to empty her bladder and to have a bowel movement after eating dinner -
DO NOT FREE FEED HER!!! Meaning do not leave food out all the time !! You won't
know when she needs to go ...feed her 2 times a day - breakfast and dinner.

3) take her out within 30 minutes of eating and drinking and also within 20 to 30
minutes of playing - remember to be patient !! You may have to stay outside and "out
wait her" she will go eventually !!! If you have a yard and your putting her alone that
won't help need to go with her so you can praise her AS SHE GOES POTTY
outside!! And have a treat ready to give as soon as she is done!!!! Make a big deal
over her doing it outside - have a party for her she associates great things with
going outside.

4) while in the house if possible keep her either on a leash with you or in a crate if she
won't be supervised...otherwise she can 'sneak off" and potty when your not
looking.Crate training is a HUGE help with potty training a pup or even an adult dog .if
you don't have a crate maybe you can keep her in a bathroom or use a dog playpen in
your kitchen - just make it so she cannot be unsupervised and have any accidents ..IF
YOU SEE HER START TO GO POTTY IN HOUSE - clap your hands to startle her (this will
hopefully stop her mid stream and grab her up (nicely) and go outside fast !! Reward
her for finishing outside...

5) remember if she has an accident it is NOT her fault its yours for not watching her
and catching her before going...accidents may happen but do NOT punish her or you
may only teach her not to go in front of you .she doesn't know any better so its up to
you to watch her body language (we all know what the "pee pee walk " looks like lol....
(sniffing around etc)and the feeding and water schedule will help you with knowing
when she may need to go....

6)use an enzymatic cleaner to clean any areas she has pee'd or poo'd
on .Regular cleaners will not get rid of the smell .You may think its clean but she can
still smell where she goes potty so be sure to clean thoroughly with the enzyme
cleaner (get at local pet shop or feed store)

7) teach her to ring a bell that hangs from the door when she needs out by hang it
with string from doorknob and dabbing a lil peanut butter on it (just a very little
amount to get her interest) and when she nudges it with her nose to get the peanut
butter it will ring and immediately take her out (everytime she rings it no matter what )
and say ok lets go potty!!! Treat her only if she does some pottying may
end up going out a lot while she learns.

8) have PATIENCE !!


10 ) be even more patient and consistent !!!!

She will get it eventually !!

Info on crate training :
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Crate training is essential for house training a difficult dog.  Your dog needs to be in the crate at night and when you are not home.  Make sure the crate is not too big so the dog does not use one end as a bed room and one end as a bathroom.
Until this dog is housetrained it should not be allowed unsupervised in the house at all.  This may mean attaching this dog to you with a leash so it cannot sneak off to have accidents.  Take your dog out frequently to urinate and defecate.  If the dog urinates or defecates praise thoroughly and give treats.  Then play with your dog for 10 minutes.  While your dog is outside before urinating or defecating do not play with your dog or create distractions.
For further information talk to your veterinarian.
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Praise!!! This is the number one thing you need to do. When it looks as if the puppy is about to use your house as a toilet, you rush it out the door without uttering a cuss word. Once the puppy has done its business, and this can take up to half an hour because this is a new experience and there are all sorts of new smells and such to investigate, you praise him unconditionally and play with him.

This way, the puppy starts to associate going outside as a good thing. Once the pup has been doing this for a while, you start to discipline him for having accidents in the house with a simple sharp 'no' as you take him to his mess. Then put him outside for a while longer. Once you let him back in, his "punishment" is over, so you continue to play with him. One of the best training techniques for house training a dog is crate training.

Anytime you are not home, or can't keep a close eye on the little guy, you have to put him in his crate. This will become home to him. You will find him heading there to go to bed, when he is in trouble or scared. It seems mean to begin with, but it is really quite gentle and positive. Set him on a schedule for going out. Our dog (whom we crate trained) has very rigid schedule of going out at 7am, again at 5pm and finally at 9pm. If we are home any other time, we let him out when ever he wants, but he HAS to go outside at 7, 5, and 9.

Now, if your puppy gets sick, you cannot punish him for making a mess if say he has diarrhoea. Even small children still mess their pants on accident sometimes especially when they are ill. Start paying attention to your pup as he goes outside. He will start signaling you for when he needs to go out, and every dog is different. I had one that would bark twice and sent by the door. My current dog walks to the backdoor, sits, then walks to me and sits again when he is ready to go outside, when it is not scheduled.
Hope this helped.
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Hi iv just moved from a flat to a house my pup is a 12 week staff I had her paper trained in 2 days when I was at the flat but since moving she will go just about anywhere any ideas on how to get her to start using the garden for her toilet????? She does not go straight after her meal she seems to go at very different intervals.
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I can't wait until my 9 week puppy gets to this point. He could go potty every 20 minutes if I take him outside, which seems to be too often. I read you shouldn't leave water out, it seems cruel but I'm going to give it a try.
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Hey im new to this but i had seen ur question and i have a 1 and a half yr old terrier and i agree with what fontlow said..but also i think its good to start gettin the dog and yourself in a good routine, even though it stinks rushin out the door if u see him peeing, on top of that try not to leave the water out for awhile, and take the food and water away right after hes done eating to let them know they have to eat and go out right after and cant just wait around all day til its right for them
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You could try taking the lead of him or her outside because when there puppies they do not like the leash. When there about 9 month's old they should be Albal to go outside with a leash and the will do poos and pees
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Every time my puppy goes outside he dose not go pee or poop

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