How To Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Your Face?


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There are various medical procedures that can be opted for to treat varicose veins. Exercising, avoiding tight clothes, losing weight, standing and sitting for long durations can prevent or delay varicose veins from getting well. Procedures like steaming your face, waxing facial hair, and stuff like that should be avoided. There are various medical procedures available which include laser surgeries, sclerotherapy (solution injected to scar or damage the veins), endoscopic vein surgery, vein stripping, ambulatory phlebectomy etc. These procedures are mostly of the sort that damage or destroy the vein. In this way the blood starts using an alternate route to travel and the visibility of the vein reduces. The condition of Varicose veins get its name from the word "varicose" derived from the Latin "varix" meaning twisted.
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According clinical data compiled during the last decade, laser vein treatment offers several advantages over other options for facial vein treatment; or at least, is as good as the microwave-based Veinwave system, recently developed in the United Kingdom. Facial veins have all the characteristics that determine the safe and effective dosage setting for lasers. Unlike leg veins, facial spider veins are usually very similar in size, depth, color, and therefore a single laser setting can be repeated for all the veins.

It should be pointed out that the surgical method of direct cautery and transaction can cause scars. Electrosurgery, which uses an electric current provided by a needle is painful and therefore not suitable for large facial vein clusters. Sclerotherapy, the treatment of choice for leg spider veins; on the other hand, is not very safe for facial spider veins. For a sclerosant (the fluid directly injected into a vein) to work on facial veins, its concentration has to be higher than that required for leg spider vein treatment. As a result, skin scarring is a common side effect of sclerotherapy when applied to facial veins. In addition, the use of highly concentrated sclerosants for reticular vein ablation around the eye carries a risk of causing retinal changes, or even blindness, especially when the sclerosant backflows into the ophthalmic artery.
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Spider veins are small, red, blue, or purple
vessels that twist and turn in the any part of body. Spider veins are mostly
found on the legs and face, but could be found anywhere on the body. They are
easily visible in the skin. They don’t have any bad effect on health but
sometime the patients experience pain and want to get rid of it. If you want to
get rid of spider veins then Spider veins removal laser treatment is suitable for you.

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