My Dog Has A Red Ear And Is Scratching & Shaking His Head Alot. I Took Him To The Vet But He Wouldnt Let Her Look In His Ear So She Couldnt Give Him Anything For It. Is There Anything I Could Do?


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the dog has an ear infection  the vet should be able to look at it that's what they went to school for.   Or   the dog might need to hair taking out of his or hers ears.  A dog grommer can do that . Not sure what to tell you to give the dog though. Try another vet or an animal hospital
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Try putting polysporin ear drops in and put polysporin cream on the inside of his flap and in a couple days he/she will be as good as new.....Been there and done it.
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Poor dog, he must be in extreme discomfort. All you can do is try to look in his ear and report to the vet. It could be cancer or maybe a foreign body has got embedded. Try bathing his ear with warm cotton wool if he'll let you, wont cure it but might give him some relief. You might have to get a muzzle for him if it persists and take him back to the vets for examination. Good luck

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