How To Get Rid Of Gnats In The Yard?


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Gnats can be extremely annoying insects but getting rid of them is a reasonably easy task. While you will not be able to abolish them completely, there are a few steps that you can take to try and minimise their nuisance and stop them from taking over your yard.

The first step you should take when trying to remove gnats from your yard is to locate their breeding grounds. Make sure when you are heading into gnat infested areas, wear citronella-based lotion to keep them away from your skin. Gnats can often be found in the same areas as mosquitoes, i.e. Standing water and decomposing plant matter. Emptying stagnant water in containers such as fountains or bird baths and cleaning out gutters or any other things in your garden that can collect rainwater or get swampy. Try to avoid over watering plants as constantly damp soil is a haven for gnats. To try and protect a specific area of your yard, sprinkle a non toxic insect repellent such as Mosquito and Gnat Scat over it. Avoid using that area for half a day to allow it to settle and start working. Screen any windows and porches with fine weave fibreglass screens.

Some gnats are so small that they are nicknames ‘no-seeums’ but these finer screen weaves will help keep even the smallest gnats out. If you know exactly where a big swarm is located in your yard, then try luring them into a trap. Set out bowls that are filled with white vinegar and add a few drops of washing up liquid to each one. The gnats will be attracted to the vinegar but when they fly into it they will become trapped by the washing up liquid and die. This is a tactic that can also be used indoor but make sure to only place them in the problem areas otherwise you may attract them to other areas of your house.
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The word Gnat is commonly applicable as a colloquial name; this name can be given to any of the various small insects, which come under the order to Diptera, and specifically of the suborder of Nematocera. To get rid of the gnats from your yard you can always call up your local pest exterminator, spraying your yard with mild pesticides can also be helpful. Gnats are mainly free living and feed on plants. They can easily be eradicated from your yard with the help of a pest exterminator. It would also be helpful if after the pesticide is sprayed, you can take care of your yard in a professional way by referring to good planting books.

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