My House Is Infested With Fleas And I Cannot Get Rid Of Them No Matter What I Try! Is There Anything I Can Do?


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I have cats and dogs neither of them have had fleas since I began giving them Garlic supplements ( just the walmart brand will do) one time a day. If you already have fleas start them on this asap. In two days buy table salt and a lot of it. Sprinkle it every where there is material, carpets you get the picture. Let it sit at least 8 hours then vacuum immediately empty this outside. The salt dries up the flea eggs and the adults will die do to the salt drying their body of fluid. Not pleasant for them but great for the house ridding
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If my friends cats have fleas can I have transported eggs home with me on my clothing and infest my home even though I have no pets
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If you're cat has got fleas, and you think they may have also infested in your home you need to get this sorted as soon as possible.

Firstly, I would recommend that you get to grips with what your up against. Fleas begin as eggs, which can be laid on furniture and in the pet's bed, for example. The female adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, which can fall off onto carpets, floors and clothes.They then hatch into larvae, which are actively small maggots. The larvae feed off adult flea's faeces and other matter found in carpet fibres. The larvae spin themselves a cocoon which forms a pupae and eventually hatches out again into an adult flea some 8-14 days later.

Fleas favour warm environments and are attracted to the heat of a body and moist climates. Fleas feed off their host, sucking blood and laying eggs (females).

The first thing you need to do is take your cat to the vets. They will adminster treatment and although this is not always effective in eliminating all fleas, it will reduce numbers for you. Don't get rid of your pet or the fleas will simply start to feed on you.

You need to treat the area where the cat lives - if he runs about the whole house I would recommend a deep clean. Wash all linen and cushions, sofa covers etc on a hot wash (over 60C) to kill any eggs that are on them. You might want to hire a steam cleaner and wash all your carpets thoroughly, as vacumming has little effect on fleas. You could also spray insecticide on the carpets to kill off any adults (it won't kill eggs so keep up the spraying until they've all hatched).

Continue to be vigilant with your cleaning routine and perhaps keep your cat in one room only, so that the fleas do not keep spreading everywhere.
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You can also powder him I think that it's easier.
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Putting moth balls or flakes into vacuum cleaner bag, as you vacuum the fleas, and eggs that are picked up will suffocate in the bag. I keep moth balls in my vacuum cleaner year round and it works with ants and any other bugs.
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My father used to use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.It works wonders.My aunts house was horrific, as she had 15 Cats.NASTY.He got in there with boxes of this stuff.What a difference.
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It would probably not work because fleas can jump on you and travel around the house when you visit him, or slip through the carpet under the door.
There's not much you can do about it and there's no point in inspecting your clothes because you'd probably miss the little black blood-sucking specks.

Unfortunately by the time most people notice the fleas there are already a lot of them. I read somewhere that only about half the fleas in a house are actually on one pet at any given time.
Quarantine would be useless because there's probably already fleas on your carpet and furniture.

To check any other pets you have:
Use your fingers to move your pets fur around (like monkeys grooming each other) and examine its skin. You are looking for two things. The obvious first thing is: FLEAS. If you see no fleas, then look for dirt in your pet's fur (it really does look like dirt)

If you see black/dark brown specks of what looks like grains of dirt (pieces of dirt the size of a grain of sand), then this could be flea poop, called "flea dirt" . If your pet is goes outside a lot, recently escaped the house or got dirty in a way that could explain the "dirt", then you need to wet a white rag, napkin, toilet paper or paper towel and rub it against the "dirt"  until you are sure some of it has gotten on the rag. If the "dirt" becomes reddish on the wet white rag then it is DEFINITELY flea poop. You see "flea dirt" is flea poop and flea poop is made from flea food and flea food is blood and blood is red.

A few fleas doesn't mean your pet has a flea infestation, it means you probably brought a few inside on your clothes. If your pet has flea dirt, then fleas are actively feeding on your pet and it is infested.
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Give your cat a good flea bath and recheck for fleas. You should use a flea killer on your carpeting and in all areas that the cat uses. House cats should stay in the house and outside cats should stay outside. This is the best way to control fleas in your household.
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If you are infested then you may want to bomb. Just ask for something in the pet store. You will have to leave the house, and keep all your pets out too. This provides a vapor in a wide area and gets into all the creases and crevices. You can also buy spray if it is not too bad, or just to back up what you might think could have been missed. Also this is weird but it works. Take warm sudsy water in a bowl and put a desk light over it (of course away from children or animals) place it on the floor and within an hour if you have fleas they will jump in and you will know what your dealing with. It really works!
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My cat has fleas and is being treated, along with my house. Now I feel like I am so itchy would I have them?
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Another few things that you can try is when you vacuum and you don't empty the bag the fleas that are in there can get out and back into your carpets so you take a flea collar and cut it  up into small pieces or you can leave it whole and place it into your vacuum bag.  Give him/her a flea bath and comb him/her out with a flea comb.  When my cat got fleas I got advantage and frontline works good I would suggest that.  There are also flea bombs in which you have to leave the house for a good 4 hours no pets are allowed in the house and no humans. Make sure all food is in cupboards including bags of chips everything.  And no as much as you don't want the fleas in your house or on you.  You should not kick your cat out so hes by him/herself they have feelings just like us.  They might start to grow a different personality that you may not like because he is upset with you.  Good Luck
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I am a groomer and the solution for fleas I give to my clients are first flea bathe the pets use a good shampoo the ones the vets have are the best then get a fles preventitive like frontline do not but them from a store they usually don't work as well or as long and treat all animals in the home and outside as well because if you have outside animals that have fleas the fleas can ride on you or other indoor pets.
Second flea bombs for the indoors those can be bought at a store use them as directed they cover sq feet so make sure you have enough for the whole home even basements and attics as fleas will travel to an untreated area until it is safe to return .
For the yard most garden stores (nurseries) will carry flea treatment for your yard but once you get rid of the case of fleas you have now you should be able to just use the topical flea treatment for animals  hope this helped
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No give him a flea bath
get him a flea collor
and a flea comb
you will be safe
just don't kiss your cat for a while
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moth balls should NEVER be used around cats as they are TOXIC to them. please use a flea collar in the bag or borax powder or diatomaceous earth to kill fleas instead--very effective and much safer.
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Fleas can be a real nightmare to get rid of yet they are extremely common pests. The problem is, all it takes for your pet to get infested is for one infected animal to just pass by your pet. The fleas can then jump onto your pet and from there they travel into the home and jump off again before making a home in your furniture, carpets, bedding or clothes.

A single flea can bite your pet up to 400 times a day and they can live for months at a time without food. They breed extremely quickly and if not spotted early enough, the problem can turn into a full blown infestation.

The best way to treat the house is to seal off one room in the house and treat it. Next treat the pet using either a shampoo or frontline drops are usually quite good. Place the animal in the treated room and get to work treating the rest of the house. All bedding should be washed and the carpets should be vacuumed. There are some really good house flea treatments available so you shouldn't have a problem finding one.

Above all remember to clean a whole room first and then clean your pet before locking it into the clean room. If you don't, the fleas are likely to infest the room again and your pet. It can be frustrating at times but if you clean absolutely everything, the problem should clear up almost straight away.
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Do you have a pet with fleas?  If you have a dog, you need to put the dog on Sentinel, which kills fleas, as well as being a heart-worm prevent-er. Then you need to have a professional come in and bomb your house with insecticide.  Make sure you stay out of the house for several days, and when you return, air out your house.  Open every window, and use fans.
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Most pet stores carry an indoor foger, much like raid. These also eliminate spiders and cluster flies. Remove your pet for the day and set one in each room. Remember to wipe down counters etc. as not to ingest it yourself.

It is also possible to buy a treatment for your pet from the vet. This will ensure that any fleas and their eggs are killed on the pet and then, when you treat the house, it will be more likely to succeed.

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