My Dog Can't Pass His Stool What Can I Do For Him?


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I agree with others here that you might just chat with a vet, but it is perfectly safe and often effective to mix 1/4 bran in with his food to move things along. Make sure he has plenty of water to drink, and walk or exercise him a couple of times a day if you can.  Dogs' colons can store several weeks of waste, so if it has only been a day or two, there may not be cause for alarm.   If he is straining, it could be simple constipation, but again, if he doesn't have a bowel movement in another day or two or the condition is causing him to pain, best to have him checked by his doc.  Good luck.
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Maybe try giving him a little castol oil with a dropper right in the mouth. This helps people so I am sure it would help a dog. Check with local pet food store, they may have suggestions, and if worse comes to worse, have him checked out by a vet
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Quit letting him chew on wood.: )....I don't know if dogs can have an enema or eat prunes but it is worth asking a vet since I am not a vet....

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