My Dog Has A Bloody Cyst That Ruptured On Friday Night. I Have Cleaned And Shaved Around It, And Put Triple Antibiotic Ointment On It. What More Can I Do For Him? I Can't Afford A Veterinary Visit.


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The bloody cyst on my dog has burst. What can I do?

Luckily you are doing the right thing, according to what you have said in your question. Usually, cysts do not cause any major problems in dogs, and they will normally resolve themselves in one of three main ways:

  • They will erupt (as was the case here).
  • They may get walled-in.
  • The cyst may just subside, without rupturing.
The main problem with cysts is that they can lead to bacterial infections. The trick to avoiding this problem is not to squeeze or otherwise try to expel the pus from the cyst.

Instead, the pus should be allowed to flow out naturally, and when it does so, you should keep wiping it off - and keep the area clean. Applying an antiseptic is also encouraged. Monitor the area regularly, until the cyst has resolved itself.

If your dog does become ill in the aftermath of this cyst, then it could be the sign of a bacterial infection. Unfortunately, if this is the case, then there isn't much option but to take a trip to the vet's.
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Well, I recommend you take your dog to the vet. But because you can't afford it, maybe ask someone who has a dog, but I think what you are doing is good - putting the ointment on and shaved around it.

Maybe put a plaster on it or something that will protect it from getting germs in it.

T`amah :D

P.S Hope your dog gets well soon :)

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