How Long Can A Dog Live Without Having A Bowel Movement?


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Dogs usually have their bowel movements 1-2 times in a day. Puppy have more bowel movements in a day than adult dogs and it can be 3-4 times per day depending upon foods which they eat. If dogs show difficulties in passing stools due to hardness of the stool and strain continuously with little or no result then constipation is suspected. Usually, dogs become constipated and self treated within 2 days. This problem is more related with their feeding habits

If dogs don't have bowel movements even for one due to some pathology then some other signs of illness appear like loss of appetite, vomiting, shaking, lethargy etc. Such conditions should be investigated and treated without wasting any time. Whenever, dog strain for bowel movements without any results and show some other signs of illness then immediate vet visit is necessary. These signs of illness along with constipation can occur even on first day of constipation. So, if dog has no bowel movements for 2 days without any sign of illness then OK, otherwise, take him to vet for diagnosis and treatment because it can be due to intestinal blockage that is dangerous.
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What kind of dog is it, how old, what weight?  Is he/she eating & drinking plenty of water?


You can give constipated dog Metamucil.  About 1/2 teaspoon twice daily to small pets OR about 2 teaspoons twice daily to large dogs.  Mix it w/small portion of canned food, or sprinkle it on dry food but add some warm broth or water to mix  w/the dry food.  Be sure dog has plenty of water to drink while doing this so that Metamucil doesn't congeal in his/her stomach.


Give dog 1-2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin mixed w/its food daily until he/she acts regular again.

When regular again, be sure to check stools for signs of blood.

Other good ways to treat dog constipation & then continue on regular basis to prevent it from recurring.  Just like with humans, dogs respond to lots of fiber, water, & exercize to have normal bowel functions.

(1) sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons (depending on dog size) of oat bran or grape nuts to dog's food daily (also adding warm  broth or water to food to make bran not so dry when swallowing);

(3)  Always make sure dog drinks plenty of water.

(4)  Make sure you walk dog for 20-40 minutes twice daily.

(5)  Don't feed dog bones of any kind if they can be broken up by dog's teeth when chewing.  Bone pieces can block intestines/bowels.

If this none of above works after 3-4 days, first try calling your vet & pleading w/him or her  to treat your dog on payment plan basis of some kind even if you can't pay anything right now.  If vet's nurse/receptionist is a stern gatekeeper, find some way to see vet himself/herself - maybe just drive there near end of the day & wait for vet to come out, then throw yourslf on his mercy before he/she drives off.  Don't touch the vet or act crazy -- just act sincere & show your vet you're not too proud to approach him/her with your request to "work something out."  (I know it sounds like a tough thing to have to do.  But I & my husband are in same boat -- laid off jobs, no more unemployment benefits coming in, no family whatsoever, both cars broke down & needing repairs so that we can go to job interviews & temp-to-perm work we're currently being invited to do but cannot get to, & as of this moment 18 cents to our name.  So no money for vet care right now). 

All your vet can say is no, but he/she might surprise you & say yes.  If he/she says no, & you know what breed (or the main breed if mixed/Heinz 57) of your dog, Google for "Great Dane" or "Pomeranian" or "Whatever Breed Fits Best"  Rescue/Adoption Organizations in/near your area.  Then call/email them ASAP & explain your situation -- oftentimes you'll find truly kind, understanding folks at these rescue/adoption centers that will help -- or find help -- for you.  I just had to do this for my Maine Coon cat Desdemona who had completely quit eating for days & was looking horribly thin no matter what food we placed before her.  I knew I couldn't pay vet, so I googled for "Maine Coon Cat Rescue/Adoption Organizations in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX."  Sure enough, w/I 3-4 hours, a wonderful & caring Maine Coon rescuer/adoption center owner called us & helped us out.  Cat's much, much better now. 


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Bowel movement in dogs depend upon normal function of digestive system and type of food that they eat. Puppies can have 3-4 bowel movements in a day while adult dogs can have 1-2. Usually dogs can live for 1-2 days without passing stool. This condition can be due to eating habits of the dogs because dogs eat some thing that can make stool hard. This type of constipation is self treated within 2 days. If your dog is straining to pass stool with little or no results since last 2 days then this conditions should be investigated by the vet. Following are some reasons of constipation in dogs.
  1. Intestinal blockage
  2. Ingestion of foreign material
  3. Perineum hernia
  4. Lack fiber in diet
  5. Lack of exercise
  6. Some infections
  7. Infection of prostate in male dogs
Treatment depends upon underlying cause, so, first of all cause should be investigate before giving any treatment and this can be done by the vet.
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My dog has not went in about a week the animal hospital will not see him because I have no money until I get paid I'm worried and don't know what to do help me please
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My dog was lost by his dog walker.  I never stopped looking and I actually got him back this past Tuesdary ( after 6 weeks of searching )

Now I am afraid to get another dog walker.  The dog is only 8.5 lbs.
I take him out in the morning from about  7:00 AM  to 7:45 AM.  He always pees and Poos on these AM walks.

Will the dog be all right if I leave him at home while I work.  I am usually home between 4:30 and 5:30pm (once a month come home around 6:00PM).  

If I use Pee pads, during the day, will be stop peeing etc. Outside?

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Most dogs, especially small dogs do well in crates when they are alone and they won't pee or poop (as a rule) in a crate. The crate should be big enough for them to stand up and turn around. They really don't have a sense of time and spend most of the day sleeping so perhaps a crate would be the answer for you. Follow your morning routine, crate him and go to work and when you get home take him for his walk and he should be fine. He might be a little resistant at first but he will get used to it and may even start going in on his own, mine does. Good luck!
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My dog has just has pups had no bowel movement

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