My Dog Is Puking Blood And Bloody Stool, What Can I Do?


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There are many different reasons that may live your dog puking blood in the stool. One of these has to do with some underlying bacterial  infections. Also some types of food poisoning or other intestinal infections can also cause some form of bleeding and what you can do is to rush your dog to a Vet close by you because your dog may need antibiotics to flush out this kind of infection. Good luck.
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You need to go to the vet now!!!! This can harm the dog so please don't wait go to the vet!!!! Good luck!!!
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Bad and unhealthy food is the main cause of dog diseases and that may be the reason in your case too.
I would suggest you to server home made food for your dog.

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It would be good to know what happened with the dog.It´s been 10 months since the question but I would like to say one cause for bloody puke and stool is the dangerous canine parvovirus.I know because I had a beautiful 5 month-old doberman who died of parvovirus.They may look good and normal until it´s too late.It only needs a week to develope and cause death so seeing a vet is urgent.It can be confused with enteritis.
The best way to avoid parvovirus is vaccination as soon as the puppy can be vaccinated and repeat the vaccine every year because not only puppies can get it.My doberman was neglected by the owner of its mother,sold to someone and returned next day before I got it.I didn´t know she didn´t have any vaccine and so was the result.I hope this answer help another dog owner.

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