If My Dog Is Pooping Out Blood What Could Be Wrong With Her? What Should I Do?


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The initial cause of blood in a dog’s poo is a tear somewhere in the intestinal wall. If the blood in the poo is bright red, this means that the blood is fresh, and the tear is very close the end of the intestine - typically the colon and the rectum (called hematochezia). If the blood in the poo is dark red, causing faeces to appear black and tarry, this suggests that the blood is digested, and the tear is caused further up the intestine tract, maybe even in the stomach (called melena). There may also be some weight loss involved from bleeding, so try to keep your pet inside as much as possible to stop movement and worsening of the condition. Sometimes, a simple rectal injury or change of diet can be the cause of blood in the stool of a dog. Sometimes, though, it can be due to other things. Hematochezia is normally the cause of intestinal worms, such as hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. The dog simply licking a wound can cause melena, or even minor gastro-enteritis (which would cause vomiting or diarrhoea), but a worst-case scenario could lead to the dog having some form of tumour or cancer, which would need immediate attention of a vet. In any eventuality that your blood exhibits blood in its poo, consult a vet immediately, so that proper precautions can be taken to ensure the right kind of treatment for your pet.
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Bloody stool can be a serious problem pending your dog's age, vaccination status, and cause.  Common causes of bloody diarrhea are dietary indiscretion, intestinal parasite, infectious disease (like parvo virus--this is serious), stress, and metabolic diseases.  After a thorough examination your veterinarian may want to run blood work, x-rays, fecal analysis, and a parvo test.  Treatment will involve medication for the diarrhea and supportive care as appropriate.
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If the stool is bright red, and covering the stool, this is an indication that something in the lower intestines or even near the anus is bleeding. If the dog eats things he/she shouldn't, that could be sharp, the dog may have passed it and it tore through the tissue.

Bleeding that takes place higher up into the dogs system will look black and sticky in the stool. Colitis is different again. That is a bacterial infection. The stool will come out with a coating of a gel like substance that is clearish, but brown colored. And there is very little odor. Colitis can be taken care of with antibiotics.

The dog is not in pain, obviously, but that doesn't mean that there is not something wrong. My dog will not act like she is in pain until she is really very sick. Yet, my cats, were easy to tell, because they would hide somewhere and just want to be alone. So, it really depends on your own dog.

You really should take the dog to the vet. I know that they can be expensive. But try to get it in while you can during the weekday, and not at night or the weekend, if you have a system that requires you to go to an ER Veterinary Clinic on the the off hours. They can be very expensive. If you are up for it, you should examine the stool and look for anything sharp. If you plan to get the dog to the doctor, then you should collect a stool for a sample for them. They will need it to test the dog. I realize that it has already been almost a whole day. Many things can change in a day's time. If the blood is getting less, you may be dealing with a lesser degree problem. If it is getting more intense, you really must get the dog to the vet.

Please let us know what happens to your pet.
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Your dog might be having constipation. Constipation in dogs can be due to following reasons.

1. Lack of fibers in the diet
2. Dehydration
3. Ingestion of foreign material,that causes obstruction
4. Hernias in the perineum
5. Some bacterial infections
6. Enlargement of prostate in male dogs

Other reasons of rectal bleeding are colitis, inflammation of rectum , rectal polyps, tumors, and fissures. So, take your dog to vet for differential diagnosis and treatment.
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It is good your dog isn't showing any signs of being clinically ill yet but the sooner they are examined by the veterinarian when that happens the better in most cases just like with us. Why could be MANY things. Parasites, bacterial or viral infection (like Parvo), internal injury/bleeding, colitis, other gastrointestinal disorder, illness or disease, foreign body blockage, tumor/cancer/polyp, even a problem with something like the kidneys to name a few. Even something very simple to treat like a parasite can become a life threatening emergency if left alone too long. You should see if you can get your pup in today if possible and try to get to the bottom of things as quickly as possible. Hope all is well and it's easy to take care of.
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That is not a good sign to see blood in its stools.
And your dog sounds like he dose not feel pain. A bit like my dog.
But to see blood id get them to the vet. Wont risk the the vet bill being more $$ if it becomes more serious.
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You MUST take her to a vet. You can make arrangements to pay the bill off weekly. This is serious. You should ring up an animal rescue and hand her over for them to have her treated if you are not prepared to get medical help for her.  There are many things that you could cut down on for yourself. All of us can make economy drives if need be. Try it.  But without fail you must get help now. Please ring up.
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Rectal bleeding if consists of red and fresh blood then can not be treated at home because it can be due many reasons and accurate diagnosis is necessary to start treatment. Common causes are constipation, intestinal parasites., colitis, gastritis, inflammation of colon, bleeding disorders, colon cancer, polyps in the colon or rectum etc. So, visiting a vet is must.
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This doesn't look good – it might be parvo; a virus that harms the inside layer of the digestive system and dogs not able to absorb nutrients or liquids. When dogs have parvo, they suffer from vomiting and laziness. Normally they don't eat and pass a bloody, smelly, liquid stool.
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Internal bleeding, internal injury, gastrointestinal disease or illness, bacterial or viral infections, parasites, and poisoning are some of the possible reasons. It should always be checked out by a vet immediately just as we would get to the doctor right away as it usually needs treatment and indicates something is wrong.

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