What If You See Worms In Dog Stool?


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There are several kinds of worms your dog can get. Tapeworm eggs look like white rice and appear only every three weeks. If you are seeing something moving it could be Roundworms or Hookworms. All can be treated easily but you must have them properly diagnosed through a microscope. You need to take a sample of your dog's stool to the vet to see which one(s) it has.
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Roundworms and tapeworms are two of the most common worms in puppies.  Roundworms typically are longer and look more like spaghetti, while tapeworms are segmented and often each segment is shed separately--often looking like a grain of rice.  Tapeworms are smooth, often found in the stool and around the rectum; they move around a lot. Intestinal parasites are common in puppies and 2 dewormings are part of normal puppy care.
Fleas are involved in tapeworm transmission-they transmit the worm when the dog eats an infected flea from themselves or mom.  The puppy should be started on a flea and tick preventative.
Maggots are fly larvae that grow in diseased or infected tissue.  If there is no wound or infected area on the puppy or around the anus then it is not a maggot.  Maggots are usually found in large amounts on the skin near a wound, they are not defecated out individually.
Your puppy needs to be examined by a veterinarian and a fecal exam needs to be run to see what types of worms your puppy has.  Bring the worm from the stool for a visual identification if possible.
Good Luck!
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They should be tapeworms and you can buy medicine without having to go to the vet through a pet store.  Don't buy the cheap stuff from a grocery or discount store because this will not cure your pet.  You want to get something like D-Worm with the active ingredient Praziquantel.  The other thing is these worms come from being bit by fleas so make sure you get a good flea treatment to go along with the worm med.  Something like frontline or such is good and can be bought without a prescription now a days.  Good luck:)
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I don't think it is maggots, it sounds like he has worms.
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You need to get the dog some dewormer meds. That you can get t a pet store or walmart. The dog probably was given human food and that will give them worms they need to be deformed every month if given human food on the bottle it will tell you directions .
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Are they maggots already there right after he poops? If so, than you need to take him to the vet, 'cause he has worms =(. If not.. It could just mean Fly laid eggs in the poop and the maggots hatched. This could really be true if he eliminates outside. Though I might be wrong.
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Yes!  Do get your puppy dewormed.  You may also notice your dog dragging it's bottom on the carpet to try and scratch the itchy feeling it gets from the worms.  This will spread the worms on your carpet so I hope you do not have SMALL children on that carpet!
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I think they are all right and she/he has got worms good luck in getting rid they are not nice
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What you saw were sections of tapeworm larvae. You need to take a sample of your dog's stool to the vet and have it checked. They will give you medicine for it that will get rid of it. There are other kinds of worms, such as Hookworms and Roundworms. Tapeworms come from a dog eating a flea that has the tapeworm eggs in it. They are then shed in the dog's intestines where it grows. If you see something that looks like white rice on your dog's rear end, it is tapeworm eggs. Anything that moves is definitely multiplying!
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Dogs have to be checked for worms every year at the vet. There are many different types of parasites animals can get, just like humans. You can buy worm medication at pet stores. You really should go the the vet and find out what kind of worms your pet might have. It could be more than one kind. That way they can explain where and how a dog is likely to get worms so you can avoid it in the future.
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This is a tapeworm usually from fleas.  When they are biting at the fleas they swallow them and in return get tapes.  Tell the vet there are little rice like beings around the rectum and he will give you med (it is usually a pill depending on size)  Must get rid of fleas or you will go thru this often.  Be careful because over the counter meds are hard on puppies.
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Even though worms are common, they are definitely not a normal thing. You need to take your dog to the vet or the place you got it from and make sure that he gets the treatment that he needs. Worms if left untreated can cause a lot of damage to the body and they are also contagious so wash your hands after playing with your puppy! Good Luck!
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Have you taken your puppy to the vet? If not. It was probably giving a deworming med by the previous owner. It's common for puppies to have hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. But beware of heartworms if not tested you never know if puppies or dogs have it until it' s to late. Here's a link for your info. Having a animal is like take care of a child. Maybe not a good example. But they need their shots and annual check-ups. Take care of it.
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Then you need to get worm medicine at the store, or take the dog to the vet!
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I would "highly" recommend getting wormer from your Vet. A dog needs to be de-wormed at regular intervals to keep them parasite free.
Sounds like a maggot.  take her back where you purchased her & ask if she has been de-wormed and get the documentation proving it. Then take pup where the documentation says procedure was done and tell them what happened after your dog's bowel movement.♥
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If it looks like maggots it is probably heartworms or tape worms please take him to the vet for treatment
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It usually means that some of the worms have died and it will take a couple of days for this to end.
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Worm them they have worms, but you need to find out what kind of worms they are first, some meds will only treat certain worms. But you need to worm them asap
not doing so could kill the dog, and/or get very sick.
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There called blotto worms only dogs can have them,AND they are in the Stoic, they slowly eat the food that your dogs eat.its normal.
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I just notice last night when my dog went to go poop, she has little worms that look like maggots, what can I give her to get rid of them?
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Geez this is a trick question right??? Take it to the vet...worms don't belong in the dogs belly or body anywhere
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you can get dewormer meds at a pet store or walmart and that should get rid of the worms.The directions will tell you how much to give
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My puppy is 8 weeks old and he went for a poo today and I saw a very long worm in his poo but yesterday I did treat my puppy for worms the worm in his poo is not moving does this mean thery are died
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If they look like a grain of rice, then their tapeworms and you should get tapeworm medicine right away, some pharmacies carry it for dogs and puppies. Tapeworms are caused by raw animal meat such as a wild rabbit, most of the time their main cause is fleas! So you have to treat the flea problem also cause even after worming if the fleas are still bad the tapeworms will return also.
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Go to the vet and get the right diagnosis. There are different types of worms and just going to a pharmacy won't necessarily fix anything. Tapeworm usually requires just one pill that they take that rids their system of all the worms. It's nasty when all of the worms come out, but good because it means they are no longer in your pup!
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Could be actual maggot's your seeing. The most common parasite visible in the stool that may look like that would be tapeworm segment's. Take a fresh clean sample to your vet (they may be able to verify by sight) and they can verify or figure out which it is and prescribe the needed medication (different parasite's require different treatment's) in the correct dosage. Most common parasite's are generally easy and inexpensive to take care of unless allowed to become severe and life threatening. Good luck to you.
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My dog went poop and it looks like maggots in her poop should I take her to the vet or can and by her some think from the store to help get ride of them
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I believe your dog has worms and you should bring him to the vet to get dewormed. Noticed any weight loss, that will be next. Take him to the vet. Good Luck!
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Your dog has intestinal worms. Don'y worry, it's curable. Either go to the Vet or check out a dewormer at your pet store or supermarket. Follow the directions very carefully. Best advice is go to the Vet.

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