My Dog Got Hit By A Car And Shes Pooping Out Blood What's Wrong With Her?


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Your pet has internal bleeding. It needs immediate vet care. Too much bleeding will cause 'em to die without vet care it would be nearly impossible for the animal to survive. That is of course depending on the amt. Of blood.
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She is in need of emergency medical help from an emergency vet.
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Oh my thats to bad she is badly bleeding and suffering
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You should have your animal examined by a veterinarian immediately.  It is impossible to say what injuries you dog has sustained without examining her.  The most common injuries from motor vehicle accidents are broken bones, lung damage, and shock.  If you dog has blood in the faeces it suggests there is internal damage.  
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Yep, Internal Bleeding, It will die if you do not take it to a vet. Immediately

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