My Dog Is Panting And Shivering At The Same Time And Her Tummy Is A Hard As A Brick, What Is Wrong With My Dog?


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It means that your dog is ill and needs an immediate attention. Take it to vet and get its complete examination done. Sometimes ignoring minor fever or other sickness can lead to serious incurable problems.
Your dog is shivering because it is feeling cold out of fever. Fever also makes dogs lethargic and exhaust that is due to weakness, an ultimate effect of fever. Take a close look if your dog has running warm nose as well. Fever is basically a reaction of an infection. Keep it warm and provide it with light easily digestible food in order to keep it digestive system functioning properly till it regains its health.

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Shivering in dogs can be due to excessive cold or swimming. Among medical reasons, skin parasites and nervousness can cause shivering but pain is major reason of shaking in dogs. Following are reasons of pain in dogs.

1. Muscular Problems
2. Skeletal problems
3. Disc injury
4. Traumatic injury
5. Damage and inflammation of the tissues
6. Exposure to heat and cold
7. Symptom of other diseases

So, yo should take your dog to vet for proper advice.
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My 16 year old westie is the same she was sick during the night, she has now stopped panting and shivering but has no life, she was unable to pooh when we went out side
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Your dog is probably hurting and in lots of pain you might not be able to see it cause it might be internal. You need to take it to your vet.
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It sounds like she is sick, or has eaten something that she can't digest. I would suggest calling the doctor. When a dog shivers and pants, they are usually in pain and afraid.
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It means that your dog is very sick and needs to be seen by a doctor. Is your dog up to date with shots? I had a dog that was not up to date and got very sick I can't spell the name but it got a sickness that the dog needed to stay in the hospital for a week, with an IV in the poor thing. The dog might have a bad case of worms, or someone poison the dog please take the dog to a vet as soon as possible. Please!
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Take your dog to the VET IMMEDIATELY!
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Or is it that the organs are being pushed up from the lungs
and by needing to breathe to pull them down but he breathes
so they go up and down ect.
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I would call the vet or emergency clinic to discuss it with them. Are you at all familiar with bloat and some of the indications and could that be it? That would be an immediate emergency and can be fatal very quickly, sometimes within a couple of hours. With out any other details and just that to go on I am a bit worried it may be bloat. I would probably call before even checking the links just in case.
Otherwise vomiting more than three times in an hour or 6 times in 8 hours with no other symptoms indicates you should call the vet or emergency clinic to talk to them about it since it may indicate an emergency. Please let us know. I hope your baby is okay and feeling better soon.
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Time to go to the vet. It could be any number of things. Your dog may have bitten a poisonous frog. Now go!!!

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