Can You Give Your Dog Human Antibiotics Via Injection. Penicillin?


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My pitbull got attacked by another pitbull & now his leg has fever & it is swollen. I have treated his wounds with peroxide & antibiotic cream on open wounds. I was wanting to know if I can give my pitbull a human antibiotic?
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It is the same thing but don't ever give dogs  human medications the dose or type might be harmful for your animal,let a vet prescribe the right ones for your pet.
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No, we don't prescribe or dose that way. What are you wanting to give it for? Is that the correct medication for the problem? There are different penicillan's.  There is also the fact that injecting the wrong thing in the wrong place can cause some MAJOR problems. We humans don't really have too many sub q injections. Our anti-biotics are given orally, IV, or I'm. So, let's say you injected an IV or I'm sub q. If you chose the wrong thing it can cause severe necrosis. That means whatever you injected starts killing the tissue and you dog will literally start to fall apart and there won't really be a way to stop it but to wait and plenty of trying to keep infection from setting in as the dog splits open and falls apart while hospitalized. After the proper waiting time skin grafts can be attempted. It is NOT pretty. OR, you give an I'm injection I'm, but ... You hit the nerve and now the dog's leg has to be amputated. Not really a good way to save on vet bills. And not a good idea if you don't know the medications well enough or the results of doing the wrong thing or what the wrong thing is. Please see you vet.

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