Can You Tell Me What An Inner Ear Concussion Is And How Serious And What I Can Do , My Dog Got Hit By A Car Today ? Help


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Hi there,
I am not sure how recent your question is...but anyway I just had to answer and share my very similar experience with you!
Firstly I am so sorry to hear of your poor dog being hit...they really are members of the family and devastating to see them poorly and in pain!
Just three days ago my 4 year old english bull terrier was hit on the motorway by a car going an approx. Speed of 100km/hr!!! She took all of the hit in her head...she was knocked unconscious for a period of time at the scene. We rushed her into the vet where she had extensive injuries, her eyes where fixed and dilated, she was bleeding from the ear and nose, and was in a very serious condition, her outlook was very poor.
She was kept in overnight and treated with meds to reduce brain swelling etc.
Well three days later she is at home with us, she is able to walk, although still quite wobbly (initially she could not even get up at all) she is just slowly starting to eat and drink from my hand, she is still quite dazed but is on some strong pain relief. We are having daily vet checks and they are really happy with her progress so far. They have told me that at the moment there is no reason why she cannot make a full recovery, the most important thing is time, maybe weeks, maybe months.Sleep is so so important for head trauma! But in three days look how far she has already come!
I hope this has been of help, I really do wish you and your dog the very best!
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That means that the function of the organ has stopped due to some sudden blow. And that would not work properly for some time until your dog will recover from it. Your dog needs rest. So don't tease your dog by calling again and again. You must not worry after sometime she would be all right.
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Christina Nerbecki
Thanks for your answer , I am trying to also give my dog support by visiting and have her know I am still there . However she is still only lying down today and no efforts to get up . her eye are not dialated but I am afraid she now may have spinal or nerve damage even maybe some paralyzed areas . Yet the vet did not mention this , should I worry ?
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My husband had a tractor tire explode right in front of him in the shop at work, the explosion was so loud that his inner had blood on his ear drum. What can we do for him? And  what can we expect from that blast?

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