I Have A Two Year Old Boston Terrier And He Is Pooping Blood What's Wrong?


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Rectal bleeding in dogs can be serious. Persistent bleeding from the dog's anus can lead to death if not treated. Many conditions can cause this pooping of blood in dogs. Following a list of these causes.

   1. Sever infections caused heartworms and  hookworms
   2. Cancer
   3. Hemolytic anemia
   4. Trauma
   5. Shock
   6. Heat stroke
   7. Sever allergic reaction
   8. Sepsis
   9. Liver failure
  10. Pyometra
  11. Vitamin K deficiency
  12. Diseases of immune system
  13. Pancreatitis
  14. Severe bacterial infections
  15. Sever viral infection like parvo
  16. Toxic reactions due to rodenticides

So, take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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