My Dog Is Weak, Listless And Has No Appetite. What Is Wrong?


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Symptoms such as these can develop alarmingly fast in animals, sometimes just over the course of one day therefore it can be scary when they become apparent. One possible cause of this could be that your dog has eaten something that is causing some damage inside that you can’t see and that they can’t tell you about. You need to see your vet immediately.

It is possible that your dog could have eaten something foreign such as rat or mice poison when you were out on a walk. This could have terrible effects on a dog, as it is designed to kill rodents. There are no home treatments that you can try so be sure to make an appointment to see your vet as soon as possible or call an emergency line. If you are lucky they may operate an emergency house call service and may be able to come out and see you the same day or night.

If your dog has lost its appetite and has not been eating for several days then this makes the problem even more urgent because just like humans, dogs can only survive for a few days without food. Try to make sure that they are drinking water as this could help them. They could be battling an internal infection and the weakness caused by lack of food and dehydration will not be helping. If your dog won’t eat then at least try and make sure that they drink some fresh clean water.

To be honest, you will not know for sure what is wrong with your dog until you have them examined by a vet. They could have eaten something, been bitten by something or even hit by a car and you don’t know it. The sooner you get your dog examined, the sooner you will know and the appropriate treatment can begin.
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I would take him to the vet right away.  You may have to call the emergency line after hours.  Animals can only go so long without food and water.  The dog may need an ivy put in to stay hydrated.  Anything could be wrong.  No one knows without having him checked out and having tests done.  Something could have bit him, or maybe he ate something he shouldn't have gotten into by accident.  I would get to the vet right away before it is too late.  Good luck. 
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He could have gotten into something he wasn't suppose to if it was rat poison he could have eaten it on the 1st of July and not show up until the 30 of July it takes that long for it to go throw there system make sure you take your dog to the vet they can give it some vitamin k to help fight it off
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Theresa: Same problem with my dog--she has advanced kidney disease--good luck---
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My 10 year chihuahua has been eating normal but losing weight for the pass month. Today she has a fever of 103.5, will not eat anything,very weak, drinks a little water but vomits it up?  I have no money to take her to vet.  Done EVERYTHING that I can think of and read about.  Please help me so I can help my Trixie.

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Things can develop rather quickly with animals, in a matter of one day. I strongly suggests that you take him to the vet again, it almost sounds like he was bit by something, or had a stroke. Hope this helps.
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She is three years old and has no energy not eating drinking little and a little stiff in her back legs

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