My Dog Has A Large Lump On His Snout Which Is Hard But Not Real Painful To Him Unless You Press On It. What Could This Be?


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The dog may have gotten a bug bite and the poison injected by the bug causes the swelling.  It should heal in time.  A little witchazel applied will help soothe. If it is a cyst, it should clear by itself, but if it doesn't you may have to bring him to a vet to have lanced properly.  Like I say, give it a few days and wait to see.  If it is getting worse, get him to a vet for proper diagnosis
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My dog had one too (on his tail). The vet told me don't worry as long as it dosent hurt. If it starts to hurt it mat be a cyst. And they will do a test. If it is a cyst they will remove it so the discomfort goes away.
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I don't think that burning the lump is a good idea... You can tell if its a tick or a lump.... The tick will burry its head under the skin leaving the back end out....  and if it is a tick, salt will get the tick to "back out".  don't rip it out because the head will remain under the skin and continue to release anti-coagulant. There also is a posibility of contracting lymes disease from a tick as well.....Please please don't try and burn it out....
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If your dog was nutered or spayed, then it's perfectly normal for dogs to grow abnormal lumbs, it's either that or a tick. Try heating a piece of metal, than sticking in on the dogs bump. If it doesn't come off, it's a nutered thing like I said before.

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