My Puppy Has Weird Looking Bumps On Her Stomach That Almost Resemble Pimples, They Seem To Be Getting Worse Everyday, Do You Know What They Are?


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There are many possibilities of these bumps but can not be diagnosed without having a look on it. It can be staph infection, mange or allergic reactions. Other possibilities are
  • Cancerous lumps. This can be identified by your vet.
  • Sebaceous cyst. These cysts are made up of dead cells, sweat or clear fluid. They also don't require treatment because they heal  themselves. Sometimes they become infected and need  antibiotics. 
  • Lipomas: These are most common types of lumps and are  painless, soft and round shape. Usually located under the skin. They don't harm the dog. But some large lipomas cause irritation and removed by the vet
All skin bumps require proper diagnosis from the vet because differentiation of the bumps can require microscopic examination. So, visit to a vet. 
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It is very unlikely that these are cancerous, lipomas, or cysts based on the age of the dog.
They sound like pustules or papules--these are red, raised, pus filled bumps that signal dermal infection.  They can be triggered by a contact reaction, allergies, or are from puppy pyoderma (dermal infection found in young dogs).  Infections can also be secondary to things like mites--mites are very common in young dogs.
Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian, have skin cytology/skin scraping done, and be started on appropriate treatment.

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