My Dog Has Red, Scaly, Bloody Patches On His Stomach And Legs. They Don't Seem To Be Bothering Him But They Are Spreading. What Could It Be?


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My dog was suffering from red, scaly, bloody patches on her body.  She is a Sharpei.  She had mange a couple of years ago.  $1000 later she was cured.  Now I had no money and decided to bathe her with my Nioxin shampoo.  3 days later I noticed hair had begun to grow back!  This has worked like a miracle but I don't understand why.  I just know that it works.
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It is a question for a vet.  If the patches are bloody, you may be mistaken about them bothering him.  He is likely scratching whether you see it or not.  In any case it is a condition that needs professional treatment.  Don't delay.
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You can try to bathe him/with oatmeal shampoo developed especially for pets. Also try neosporin. I just went thru this with my schipperkee and it was related to allergies best of luck
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Sounds Like Mange, But It could be allergies.  You really need to take the dog to the Vet
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The first thing that comes to mind is mange. This will need medical treatment for the put. I suggest you get the pup to the vet as soon as you can. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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