My Cat Has A Lump On Her Belly And It Feels Hard. Could It Be Serious?


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Without trying to cause unnecessary panic, the answer to this question unfortunately has to be yes, it may well be serious. There could be a whole array of different causes for this lump, some of which may be harmless, while others could be potentially life threatening. It is best to consult with a vet though, as I am not a trained professional.

  • Possible Causes
The cause for this lump could be anything from an allergy to insect bites or stings; from an injury to a hernia; from a benign tumor, like a Lipoma, which is a collection of fatty tissue, to cancer. More detailed information regarding possible causes can be found at Pet Education.

  • Course of Action
In any event, the cause of the lump has to be properly diagnosed by a vet, in order to determine what type of treatment will be required. If the lump is growing, or if the cat is in pain, refuses to eat, loses weight or shows other signs of distress, it is imperative that she is taken to a vet for a proper diagnosis.

  • Diagnosis
To start with, the vet will examine the cat. He will probably ask a few questions regarding the cat's history, such as how old she is, whether she has been spayed, contact with other cats, etc. As lumps can be very difficult to diagnose by touch alone, the vet may then decide to use a Fine Needle Aspirate, or FNA, procedure to establish what the lump is.

  • FNA Procedure
This simple procedure is usually performed without any sedation or anesthetics. A very fine needle is inserted into the lump and fluid or cells from within the lump are drawn up into a syringe. They are then examined under a microscope and will indicate the cause.

As I am not a trained veterinary professional, my immediate advice is to visit a vet as soon as possible.
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This has the propensity to be a serious problem. I had a male cat who turned up with a similar symptoms, which turned out to be, as mentioned above, crystals that were forming in the kidney which led to a blockage in the urethra. Special no-fish-product diet, with anti-anxiety medications were the ticket after a surgery to get unblocked. However, my cat still ended up dying a year after this condition showed up.
We miss you Floyd.
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My male 2 years old cat is acting weird for 4 days now. He is not eating, sleeping whole day has lost weight but his tummy is very big and heavy and hard. I am really worried.
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Yeah, it could be dangerous, it seems that your dog has something serious, so don't waste time, I suggest you to take him to the vet immediately. Your dog might be suffering from inner infection so its would better to consult a vet before treating him on your own.
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My mom took her male cat to the vet for the same problem last year. It was forming crystals in his urinary tract that he couldn't pass and eventually he couldn't urinate. They put him on a pill and special food for the rest of his life. However, 2weeks ago he was acting like that again and she took him back to the vet. This time they fixed it for good so he would never have to worry about not being able to pass the crystals. You won't believe it but they made him a girl!! It's true. They say he/she can still get the crystals but now they are easier to pass. Hope this helps. If anything make sure you get him to a vet cause if it is this it could be fatal if untreated.

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