Could My Dog Be Allergic To His Flea Collar?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
This is one possibility, but dog collars are know to irritate some dogs and not others.  Try a different product, different brand of collar, or change to powder, if all else fails, there is a pill dogs can take once a month for fleas
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Kristina answered
First off, flea collars are bad for your pets in general. The chemicals used can be bad for their lungs, since it's so close to their throat. Also, because it's constantly rubbing against their neck, it can irritate their skin. The package says to wash YOUR hands after using it. Why would it be any different for your pets?

However, my cat just had a terrible allergic reaction to her flea collar and I learned that they do NOT work and put my cat at risk. Take the flea collar off your dog NOW if you think he might be suffering from an allergic reaction. It could cause more problems in the future...

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