Can Cat Flea Treatments Be Used On My Dog In An Emergency?


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Yes it would be fine just not the other way round!
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I know that you cannot use dog flea treatments on cats because of the size difference but I would think it would be okay to use the cat one on a dog. Can you look at the Advantage website and see if the ingredients are the same?
Or if you have any Avon's Skin-So-Soft, rinse the pooch in me it will work!   ♥Nassy
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This will probably not cause your dog any harm but may not be effective in treating the fleas.  I would contact a veterinary clinic for appropriate flea medication for your dog.  Emergency clinics should carry a small amount of flea preventative products.
Also if this dog has brought fleas in to your house the cats and other pets you have need to be treated as well. 

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