My Dog Acts Crazy Whenever I Put Flea Medicine On Him. Can He Be Allergic?


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True allergic reaction is possible but unlikely.  Your dog may be sensitive to the product so even the correct amount (topical flea and tick products are usually sized by weight) may cause an overdose situation.  Neurological signs-altered mentation, tremoring, or lack of coordination can be seen with toxicity in several of the flea products.  Make sure the product you are using the product correctly and for the correct weight range.  Smaller dogs can sometimes be more sensitive to the chemicals in flea products.  Next time this happens wash the product off your dog and see if the behavior stops.

Also some dogs do not like the feel of the product on their skin—so they are not reacting to the product just the sensation of oiled fur it creates.

Lastly if your dog is able to lick the flea preventative he may be experiencing a taste reaction.  Again not an overdose or poisoning he may just not like the taste of it—as though he ate spicy, spicy hot sauce.

Ann Falk, DVM
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It could be that you are applying it in excess, enough that it's getting into his nostrils and it's agitating him, or he is allergic, and you should get it checked out to make sure that he isn't getting sick from it. If he is allergic you might want to also know how much benadryl to give him, so make sure that the vet tells you how much. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I think, it is better to ask a veterinarian about it. Have you tried another flea medicine? Was the reaction the same? Personally I buy Vectra both for my dog and cat on Pet Express and it works great.

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