What Are The Red Spots Under My Dogs Belly?


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The red spots under your dog’s stomach could be caused by some kind of parasite.
Domesticated animals, such as cats, dogs and hamsters, are often at high risk of infection and parasitic attack because there are so many potentially harmful viruses and creatures in the places these animals like to sniff around, such as grass, bases of lampposts and other animals.
Parasites such as ticks and fleas bite living things, such as humans and dogs, to feed on their blood. The bite occasionally comes up as a red mark with a small puncture hole in the centre. If your dog has become infested with fleas or ticks, then a number of these red spots could occur and that might be the cause of these red spots. If this is the case, the best course of action is to make your dog wear a flea collar or bathe your dog in flea shampoo. You could also use a flea comb on your dog but that is less effective.
It must be remembered that even although your dog is now clear of fleas or ticks, the occupants of the house are still at risk from fleas on their person, clothes or house.
One other possible reason for the red spots is that your dog could have some kind of irritation or infection that has caused lesions on its stomach. In this situation the best course of action would be to visit a vet so that they can examine your dog and discover what course of medication or treatment is required.
It is important to act quickly in either situation because an infection could easily spread to other parts of the body and become painful for your dog and fleas can spread around the house and infest other animals as well as humans.
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I suggest you phone a vet for some telephone advice.

The most likely candidate causes are:

Ring worm -- especially if he is otherwise losing hair from the region. Ring worm looks like coin-sized very round blotches. They are literally ring-like to start with, but will fester and get worse. The entire ring will go raw and the affected area will grow if left unattended. Ring worm isn't a worm at all -- it's a fungal infection. Because it can be so hard to clear it's worth getting treatment early.

A grass allergy -- dogs can be allergic to things, too! This would correlate if your dog regularly lies down on long grass. Would present as irregularly shaped blotches or patches of rash, usually of quite variable sizes.

Bug bites -- this would also fit with a dog lying in grass, running in wildlife woods or shrubs, or being outside a lot. Blotches would be very small, and might still have insects hanging on to them (tics).

Heat rash -- this would fit if it's hot where you live or the dog just seems overheated. Almost more like a rash than blotches.
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In puberty dogs can get acne on their skin areas HOWEVER this happened to my og at 16 wks a shitu right after I got her free from a breeder cause she was inbred they said, I spent thousands over years to keep in control it turned out to be demedex mange otherwise called mites. NOT CONTAGIOUS AND WE ALL HAVE THEM But in immune compromised pets they cannot fight them off there are baths and meds to control it and IMMEDIATLEY bring the dog to the vet and have them do a skin scrape right there unless its somethign they can tell what it is just looking at, and they will tell you after lookingn under micro if its mites or not

MITES in and of itself is not painful BUT most all dogs lick irriate it and it causes secondary bacterial infectiosn so don't PUT ANY CORTISONE TYPE CREAM ON IT LIKE LIDOCAINE OR HYDROCORTISONE OVER THE COUNTER CREAM FOR ITCHING CAUSE CORTISONE ACTUALLE CAUSES MITES TO FLARE UP!!!!!!

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My dog has five perfectly round red spots on her belly around her genitals. I would like to know what they are and where did they come from. My other dog doesn't have them.
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I noticed a few red spots on my dogs belly, genital and inner thigh area yesterday. Today there are many more and spreading under his tail. They are not a perfect circle, they are bright red and flat. Does anyone know what they are????
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No, this doesn't require a vet. Your dog either has a simple rash or really dry skin. Regardless of whether or not it's bothering her, you need to put lotion on all of the red spots daily until it goes away. Our dog got that frequently, and that was a mixture between what she got into and what she ran through outside.

You don't need a vet for it, don't worry. She's fine. Just gently rub some lotion onto her belly and by her privates. DO NOT PUT IT DIRECTLY ON HER PRIVATE. I'm sure you know this already, just making a second-note.

Make sure the lotion is something safe and gentle on the skin, nothing harsh and perfume-y, alright? It should clear up in a week or two, if not less. I hope this helps you out!
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Everything I have read about these rings suggests either ringworm or some sort of insect bite. Usually a tick bite would involve the tick still being on the site, so that is unlikely - but spiders, black flies etc could also be the culprit. I would suggest seeing your vet ASAP. If you want, put some hydrogen peroxide and/or hyrdocortisone cream on the area and give your dog half of a benadryl tablet. If the spot does not improve after one day, it is likely something other than just a mere bug bite. See the vet.
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A friend of mine had a puppy with some symptoms like that. They took her to the vet and the puppy had scabies.
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Not sure what it could be. She might have gotten bitten by something. Do you have ants where she might have gotten into them?  If she starts to swell I'd take her in
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I would get pup to the vet in the morning. It could be ringworm, heat rash, a bout with ivy. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Our female pitbull was allergic to grass when she was younger, but outgrew it. The vet gave prescribed Benadryl. We only gave it to her when she broke out severely because it made her sleep all the time.
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If it is rash like he is probably allergic to his food.if they get any worse speak to your vet
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You should see a vet immediately, it could be cancer. My dog had red spots on his belly, some were benign, but others had to be cut off immediately. Be especially concerned if the dog suns on its back a lot and has white skin on its belly.
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Is there anything diffent she has ate?.It has to be a rash.I'd take her to the vet if I was you.
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Check your dogs gums.   Are they pale if so get to a vet ASAP!! Dog could be bleeding internally!!   Mine was!

If so   get the dog to a vet ASAP   Could be internal bleeding

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