How Early Can You Put A Collar On A Puppy?


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I put a cat collar (breakaway type) on my pups about 10-12 weeks so I can encourage leash breaking. I like the one with a bell on it, so I know where the little devil is.
It is a great time to teach the word (COME) and reward with a treat.

I also never put them to bed with a collar on as pups can do surprising things an get their jaw caught overnight.

I do not use an toxic (flea) collars at all until a pup is over 5 pounds including giving heartworm preventative.

NEVER use a chain choke collar as a day collar. That should only be used for training and working times and NEVER, NEVER during a play session.
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I recommend a collar as soon as you purchase the puppy, and make sure it is a flea collar. The ones that are not harmful to kids, if you have any...
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Collars are good immediately.
Hopefully your little pup doesn't have fleas. A regular collar would be fine.Get a canvas type collar that can be adjusted to fit your pup's neck as it grows. You should be able to put 2 fingers easily under the collar for a proper fit. There are some collars that have a "quick disconnect" meaning if the collar caught on something, the collar cuts free, no strangulation. Flea treat later, ask the vet, flea treatment is a pesticide, keep dog clean, check skin/fur
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For now I am using a harness on my puppy which seems to work fine ( 14 weeks)

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