My Pit Bull Won't Stop Peeing Everywhere. Why?


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Sounds like his jealousy of the new dog and fear of being abandoned again is causing him to make sure everyone knows this is his territory, so he's marking it...
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If it was a human I would say it is a weak bladder or kidney infection...or your dog is severely scared of something or someone in the nephews dog is scared to death of anything black. Probably a case of abuse before he got the dogs from the pound...but since I can not read the dogs mind you would have to take the dog to a vet and see if anything physical is wrong with the dog..
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He was recsued by me from a someones backyard whom left him for dead. He is my best friend now and the vet says nothing is wrong with him. We just got a new puppy and she is three months and can hold it better then he can. I don't know.
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This may sound silly but maybe he is scared that your going to dump him because of the other dog. In other words he is not content that he is still your number one dog...believe it or not dogs can get jealous/even upset when they are not treated as the baby of the other words they can become insecure.......
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It could be him marking territory, take to vet, have kidneys and bladder checked. If all is well then I am stumped!!

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